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A blockchain for supply chain management

A blockchain for supply chain management

This blockchain prototype is built to investigate the possibilities of blockchain for the high-frequency supplychain network. This blockchain prototype specializes in b2c/b2b online orders, flowing through the supplychain. The webshop creates an SKU and is able to create an unlimited amount of supply for that SKU. Then the webshop can send supply to other parties in the entire supplychain. Only parties who own supply can transfer it to another; the webshop stays in control of the SKU data and total supply.

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The blockchain protocol is heavily based on bitcoin, but is built from scratch in C# with dotnet core 2.1. The blockchain network must handle atleast 200,000 transactions every day.

  • Consensus algorithm: Proof-of-Work
  • Block time: 15 sec
  • Difficulty readjust: every 10 blocks
  • Block mining reward: fixed 5000 tokens
  • Supporting platforms: MacOS, Linux and Windows

Supporting platforms

  • win10-x64
  • osx.10.10-x64
  • ubuntu.16.10-x64
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From production, to vendor, to retail, to customer. Everything is safe within Logstichain. Register SKUs, batches, dimensions, and more. Transfer supply an follow the trail!

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